SpecSki VAJDA TomaHawx

VAJDA SpecSki TomaHawx, Kajak Nord

VAJDA TomaHawx - Der SpecSki von VAJDA!



  • ergonomisches Cockpit
  • sehr gelungenes SpecSki-PowerGlide-Stemmbrett mit Einhand-Bedienung/ Schnellverstellung und Gurt-Fußhalterung
  • dynamisches Design durch kantiges Oberschiff
  • hoch funktioneller Doppel-Lenzer
  • hochwertige Materialien bis ins kleinste Detail!
  • Nicht nur für Rettungsschwimmer!

  • Für den richtigen Kick in der Brandung!!!



  • Länge: 579,0cm
  • Breite: 48,1cm
  • Stabilität: 4 von 5

SpecSki VAJDA TomHawx Designs, Kajak Nord

VAJDA Garantiehinweise


All VAJDA GROUP products are warranted against defects in materials and manufacturing for a period of two years from the date of purchase. This warranty covers only manufacture defects and does not cover transport and usage damages. Warranty is conditioned by the following procedures:

- Misuse

- Damage caused by transport

- Unauthorised repairs

- Removal of manufacturer stickers


Warranty claim

Transport Damage: Please check all your products carefully before signing delivery documents (CMR document). In case of damage claim to the delivery document (on the CMR document) immediately. No damage report = impossible to claim damage. Contact your local dealer. Other: Create warranty claim In Vajda Order System. Always attach pictures which best describe damages.



Our boats are produced from in high quality composite construction. Composite materials products requires maintenance which extend the lifetime of your boat and paddles:

- Do not put any product in the direct sun for long periods.

- Do not tight it too strongly in the racks or car roof racks.

- Ask only experienced persons to repair your boat.

- Never store or transport boat inside wet cover


Hier findest Du / finden Sie die Garantiehinweise von VAJDA im Original: Link zu VAJDA Warranty

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